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Any figures given for earnings or amounts in income statements, or examples quoted of earnings or income, are only estimates of what you may possibly be able to earn.

I can not give you an assurance that you will do as well if you rely upon my figures. You must accept that there is a risk of not doing as well as projected.

Where specific income figures are quoted, or an individual or business examples given, likewise I can not give you an assurance that you will do as well if you rely on my figures It is possible that you will not do as well.

It should be noted that any and all claims or representations, as to income or earnings on this web site, are not to be thought of as average earnings.

No assurances are given as to earnings or past results can be used as an indication of what you may achieve in the future. I can not tell how successful you will be.

As I do not know you, or what your business skills are, nor do I know what your background is, or what your work ethic is. I am not, therefore, able to imply that by following my marketing plan that you will get rich, or do well. You must understand that to succeed requires many factors.

Please be aware that there are many unknown risks involved in all and every business activity. Not everyone will be suitable to set up or get involved in a business enterprise. You may make no money at all, or even make significant losses!

All information products and services provided by me are for educational and informational purposes only. It is recommended that you should seek the advice of a qualified, accountant, lawyer or business adviser before acting on this or any information. Before you rely on it you are advised to have the information provided here, or downloaded from this web site, independently verified by your own professional advisers.

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